I need help with the lore for my game

I need help with the background lore for my game, I have a few characters done but I don’t know what to do with them. I’ve looked in the forums for a while but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Any ideas are appreciated and will be credited in my game

maybe add easter eggs and secret rooms that are difficult to find that hold little bits of lore.

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What is the game theme and setting?
(Where the game/story takes place)

Also, the Story/Plot of the game is not the same as Lore just so you know.

For the fire ones background, The story could be, in ancient times a brave gim was climbing a volcano and fell in. He survived by a miracle of a holy gim entity, giving him the power to control fire. Kind of a stretch but it’s an idea.

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it’s going to be a two-dimensional fighting game and its set in a futuristic city

Maybe you can use some props from One Way Out?

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Thanks for all of the help! I’ll make sure to credit you 2 in my game!

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