I need help with the details on my Gimkit map

This is for people who know what the game destiny is, I need help with the details and other ideas for the features in Destiny 1. I just finished the part where the player find their ship.

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I might not respond immediately

What kind of details are you asking for?

do you know what the game Destiny is?

I dont know what that is. Could you explain?

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Destiny is like Halo - it’s a Action-adventure set in the future

small alleyways with a dark barrier overlay and a bunch of tiny little props such as trash, space trash, dirt, moss, barrels etc…


you looked it up didn’t you?

You could do the tower


no ive watched gameplay

not gonna lie, I did

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@Buck You could also make cayde’s stache

destiny is pretty good I would play your gimkit map!

I know I was planning to but I need ideas for other stuff that might be in it.

Destiny 1, not Destiny 2.

I’ve beaten Destiny 1 many times, been playing since year 2, so I know a bit about Destiny 1 :+1:

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back on topic please.

I’ve designed the tower central area

same, here i would as well

I’m currently making the tower any ideas?

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