I need help with speed modifier when you go into a room its gonna activate right but when you push a button to get out of the room I want it to disable know your intentions were right but please avoid saying that as it could be hard for certain people

If you know help please cause I dont know how to do it.

place a zone in the room
and a speed modifier
player enters zone > set player to configured speed
then place the button and speed modifier
button pressed > set player to configured speed

I only want the speed modifier to work when in this room and when you push the button to leave it disables the modifier.

that’s what I gave you
just use a different modifier.

well thats easy

zone= activates speed boost

Button=deactivate speed boost

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why not make it so when you leave the room just by zone make it deactivate?

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can you show a picture please sorry

okay Give me a sec to do that

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It looks like you may need to use 2 so one does fast speed and one doesnt so like this

the zone activates the 2x speed then when you press button it should then reconfigure it to normal speed

wait so cant you just wire the button to the speed modifer to when you get in the room

you should be able to just use a zone for if you want the speed to be added or subtracted when they walk in, not just clicking a button, you just use the button for that.

how do i make it disable when you leave the room

how about you add me on wix and i let you get in my game and you could do it yourself to show me how it is done?

have a zone over teh room and have it in the settings"when in zone- this channle" and have that channle grant or take speed. And in the seetings of that same zone have it “when leave zone- this channel” and have that channle grant or take speed. So just the opposite of what happens in the zone.

Sure let me get on…

im realy dur sorry lol

Just post a code on code sharing so i can j0in your map.

OK but I need permissions to be turned on to edit.

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lost connection so i might have to do a new one

just 5 minutes please