I need help with some things on my map

I need help with the details on the inside of a boat and ideas of what things I should put in a survival game that has a story of how the player got there and any other ideas for lore and easter eggs. I already have the lore for how the person got there. Any other ideas for other feature I should add are welcome.

whats the theme of the map?

Details on the Inside of a Boat

A boat’s interior can vary depending on its type and purpose. Some common elements include the helm (driver’s seat), cabin (enclosed area often used for sleeping), and the bilge (lowest internal part of the boat’s hull)

Other parts might include storage compartments, seating areas, navigation equipment, and safety gear storage

Ideas for a Survival Game

Needs System: Most survival games have health, hunger, and thirst.
Skill System: Allow the player to give their character some skills from the beginning. Som like a health/shield buff
Challenges: Ummm bosses, hunger??

I’m badddd at storytelling so I’ll let som1 else do that

Survival and getting of the island.

Maybe have some locked rooms that the players can access later, make crafts for secret items?

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how big is the boat :slight_smile:

really big but not too big because I wanna have enough memory for other things.

If it’s ike a cruse i got some lore for you. Your a the cruse when suddenly you get attack by pirates and sekeletons and mummys these are all sentery skins. You have to stop them and save the ship you can also stop and find survivers who can give you missions for better guns or stuff. It could also be a solo and a coop game. so anyways the ship was rigged to get attack by the captain who was planning to steal all the rich stuff from the people on the ship and cut it with the pirates and at the begening the captain was kidnaped so you go to save him but when you get there he batreays you and then you learn his master plan and thats when the boss fight could happen :slight_smile:

I already have lore for how the player gets there I need ideas for easter eggs, and other features to add.

It could be like a LOTF type game (if you know the book)

I have an idea for an Easter egg. Maybe, while on the island, (this is only if you explore the island) you could make a cave where you get a legendary item, or maybe teleport to like an underwater city and they help you get out. How do you like that?

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What is LOTF? Is it a good survival map inspiration?

Oh yeah, it Lord or the flies ( a book my teacher made me read)

Wow, I didn’t think the liked mine LOL

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