I need help with sentries

I am trying to create a pokemon-like game and need the player to teleport when the enemy “pokemon” (Sentry) is knocked out by your “pokemon.” (Also a sentry) However, when your sentry knocks out the other, the signal does not register, making the player get stuck.
Screenshot 2024-03-18 9.40.01 AM

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Welcome to the forums! I hope you’ll love it here. Unfortunately, I can’t help you. But may I see your wires to it?

You should wire the sentry to the teleporter, sentry knocked out - teleport player to target.
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Use channels for this. When sentry knocked out, transmit on “out of battle” and you get teleported out on that channel.

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Welcome to the community @Oso567! have you tried to use wires to register the sentry knock out instead of channels? It may be a simple fix to start the next game function.

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i tried that. I think it needs a specific player to teleport, and since a sentry knocked it out, it doesn’t have one.

Use a relay.

I have done this. I can’t figure it out.

Well maybe make it activate the teleporter, so put a barrier around the teleporter, then make sentry knocked out - deactivate barrier

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ok so i know that you can use a wire and have it set to sentry knocked out-> activate teleporter. And the teleporter is under the player. That should make your function work.

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that would work but them you would see it in game.


Or you could make the barriers invisible.

That sounds nice! The barriers sound nice!

doesn’t work. I think it only senses sentry knocked out when a player does it.

What is knocking out the sentry?

another sentry. It is your “pokemon”

yeah so you have a wire from the enemy sentry to the teleporter active in game. Quite simple.

@Oso567 This is what you need to do.

Place down a relay (no setting configuration) and a teleporter.

Wire the sentry to the relay like this:

Sentry knocked out → Relay Trigger.

Wire the relay to the teleporter like this:

Relay Trigger → Teleport Player here.
Quoted from mysz