I need help with random events, that can also be bought

this is for my zombie gamemode, you can call in drops onto the field, and collect them, but I want there to be random events that happen naturally or are bought (longer Evac time, longer drop time, etc.) so if you guys can

  1. figure out a way for the events to happen (Naturally)

  2. allow them to be bought

  3. come up with events

that would be appreciated!

1 Use a randomizer……
2 Buying transmits on channel —-> randomizer system
3 idk any event ideas right now

how do I make a randomizer?

Wait, Nvm I know how

how would I make the stuff like evac or drop time take longer?

By adding the game timer and track it until you reached how long you wish to wait, then make a path that is long and will take the time you wish it to take to get to the other side. Idk if this is on what you were meaning.

Ok, i probably should explain the evac, basically every 150 second the zombies get stronger, faster, ect and to evac you need to hold out for 300 seconds at minimum and 5000 seconds at max, you pull a smoke grenade pin to call it, and there is a 15 second timer after the pin it pulled, the longer evac time would be 30 seconds, and then you are teleporter to base to get ammo, weapons, ect

Same with the drop time, but it would normally take 10 seconds and then would take 20 seconds

You can’t move sentries, so how are you planning on doing that? Players?

and the 1 in 1000 chance for their being NO evac and you are left for dead

Yes, they can get upgrades or “mutate”

so where is the point of run to evac, or is it like waves or enemies?

it is a survival siege game, and you need to survive as long as you can, but the base is to recoup and get ammo and weapons (dropping them cost twice as much wasting more money), the point is on the highway, or where you are holding out it is behind the team

would I use a trigger randomizer

Yes because that is the only way to set delays with functions.

real quick, the way you call in waves and trigger events is via a boombox

yeah, so you would have to use a counter and button and game over lay to measure the time activate the function and remember the amount of waves.

I have made the no evac thing, it has a 1 in 1000 chance of happening

lol its rigged, and ok.

so, how would I make the longer times, by using triggers that are connected to repeaters?