I need help with publishing a map

Ok so the map i need published is “Halo Gimkit Evolved” I published this already but it got deleted of the discovery because the thumbnail was a pic from halo so then i got this new thumbnail instead

but when i tried to republish it it said map updated not published so it just updated the deleted one not made a new one soooo i wasted 1000 gimbucks :angry: and still don’t have my map published. Is there any way i can publish it. Pls Help

um, I guess you could pay another 2000 gimbucks? but if it’s removed, I highly recommend to not publish it again.

well it was because of the thumbnail not the game itself and i got a new one also i learned that it only took 1000 but still :angry:

hello@gimkit.com tyr messaging them…

ok ill try

i did it how long do they normally take to respond?

Usually the next day