I need help with my sentries

I am making a platformer map with sentries, but when I put them on a terrain block above the base, they just fall down.

When I edit it looks like this

When I go in my game it looks like this.

This always happens I think

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I don’t know… is the terrain set to wall and not floor? that might help. honestly I don’t use the platformer format because I don’t have the season pass. so I have no experience with that problem.

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There is no floor and wall, terrain is just wall.

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shows you how much I know about the platformer.

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Pretty common bug right now. You just need to wait until Josh fixes this.

I too have experianced this, and I’m gonna change the catagory of this because it is a bug.

what if you placed the sentry above the terrain? now my bfdia5b skills are coming handy

I do place mine’s in a position to where they will fall on to it, and that sorta stopped it.

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Thank you! It works now. I placed the sentry above the terrain like eiqcrmeliutgwhc and Captain-Gim said, and it works!

Now it looks like this.

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I think it’s because otherwise they fall through the thing they are standing on, since it’s beta, it makes sense that there are Bugs

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We just had the first WON solution.

What’s a “WON solution”? Is it a sort of plugin?

No WON’s @Captain-Gim 's organization

What? They own their own company? Or is this something made-up?

Made up.
Ever heard of DOD, WON, or WOW?

It was a joke sonce you said me and Eiqy, but it stands for World Organization of Non-animals. I want to make a comic guide explaining one of my guides with WON, but I guess we got the solution, so I was joking around.

Sorry for the confusion.

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