I need help with my mystery game!

I have no clue what to do next after the sentries attack your ship and you jump overboard. I want it to be intense. (ps: It is a choose your own adventure game.)

idk maybe
swim back
ride on a piece of wood

:shark: make something using sharks

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I like it, but you’re supposed to hit the water and teleport you to the bank.

yes sharks!
maybe choose which island to go to?

I like sharks but how would you make them?

Could I use shark emojis?

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I don’t know! Maybe you win you reach the bank there could be a sentry that is trapped. He promises to give you all the information he knows if you free him. You have to choose whether to trust him or not. P.s. Can you tell me the name of your game so I can play it when it is published?

Sherlock Gims. I like that ideal.

Yeah I would do that using a text device.

Should I have a secret passage?


Maybe you can find a map on the shore and you’re supposed to get the treasure before the sentries do

Great ideal but I was already planning to do that. No offense.

Maybe the player can start with items and they lose them once they reach the bank.