I need help with my map I'm having some troubles

you click on the device and scroll down on the first page, it will say global, you can change it to team, player or global.

There should be a setting called “Scope”

there is, heres a guide on how to now what scope is

now how do i change it to a certain team

That’s an advanced guide for scope.

Not possible, i think idek, youll need a better TL2 or TL3

set it will deactivate to channel team 1 and activate on channel team 2.

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wolftech it didn’t work

Try this, Make the scope of the barrier team or player. Now make the barrier deactivate on “authorize”. Now make a lifecycle for game start. It should trigger a relay that broadcasts for the team that CAN go in the barrier. Make the barrier active on game start and the relay should broadcast on “authorize”.

send a screenshot

ok one second

That sounds awfully similar to something I said.

It does

Leave im getting help from wolf right now you can help if this doesn’t work.

It is I am looking at smart coders words.

Oh. Ok. I remember a haze of saying that.

Screenshot 2023-10-06 11.05.00 AM

Just change the barrier when it says activate on game start to “No”.

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