I need Help with my map, Capture the Chalice

I have a map called Capture the Chalice where you need to defeat a person on each team to be able to access and destroy the chalice on that team. is this possible?

Um–it would take a lot. You would have to have knockout managers that send messages when a player on a specific team gets knocked out, it sends a message to unlock something.

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oh ok i will try that

It looks something like this: You would need block code.
Screenshot 2024-01-12 9.15.14 AM

The number 0 can be any team number, 1,2,3,etc. (It’s your choice.)

ok that seems in my knowledge capacity

If this works, please mark a solution.
If it doesn’t, it will be a while before I can continue. (taking a test)

Look at bedwars game ending things. They have team oriented programs, just change it to unlocking the chalice instead of ending the game.

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Ok I will look into that

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