I need help with my gimkit map, I need to find a name for my map

There’s everything on my map, usually everything…

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What’s the game about?

I need a little bit more context.

What’s it about?

So there are a lot of things (generally you need cash)
and you buy better gadgets. You find secret rooms. In short, you need to explore the map

I need a bit more context, is it just a open world exploration map?

Like Roleplay?

oh, so I don’t know how to say it

I think just do, The Town of {town name}

I could make a description of you want.

do you want me to send a picture?

Sure, I’ll check in like 10 mins.

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wait, I’ll send you a few more in a moment.

A complicated map like these (currently called “Everything Map” because it’s so complicated and everything exists,) I couldn’t find a name.

How about you call it Do Anything?

That would be a weird name too hahaha

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I guess no one has any ideas about this?

hello ? ?
are you there

My bad, was a bit late. Would advise for less props, atleast in my opinion, but maybe Adventure something.

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“Adventure forward”

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It might make sense, I can change it to the old name, this could be the new name of my map! At least it’s better than before, thank you.

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