I need help with my game but i don't know if i should expand or keep the map small

i need helps with my game i trying to think if i should expand the map more or keep it as small for capture the flag but with weapons do you guys have any ideas?

Welcome to the Community @margimkitcreator!

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its is really up to you. pros of having a small map lots of detail but cons people don’t like small maps. pros of having a big map are lots to explore but cons are either you use all the terrain or prop limit and you run out of memory fast.

Evil Eye-gernade launcher
Zapper-Machine gun
Quantum portal-RPG that is what you could use as damage and player level wise.

yeah but i added a lot of stuff to my map to the part i don’t know if i should keep it up and expand or call it good for the day.

thanks for the weapons ideas i make sure to add that i almost forgot gimkit had that

thanks it my first time here i hope to meet you all and help too.

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Well how do you feel about it, do you think people will like it and are you tired of hard work makeing a map. Answer those and you will have your answers.

yeah i’m really excited to meet you to!

You welcome and we all hope you get to meet everyone on the community and helping people just makes you feel good, so let me know if you need anything else.

thanks you guys i make sure to use these ideas thanks man i appericate it

No problem, and I’m happy to help.

thanks to your guys idea here how it looks in edit mode

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