I need help with my four team capture the flag game

My capture the flag map/game is kind of boring right now, does anyone have cool ideas for it?

how about temp buffs they can buy or secret paths to go around the map

Maybe make like barriers that you have to buy?

team? or temp what’s temp

temporay buff, temp is a way to shorten the word but it can be confusing sorry

they did you can see by clicking the number to see who liked @WolfTechnology

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temporary, like not permanate.

@Haiasi i see that you are on because you keeping liking my post, but why aren’t you talking? Is there something wrong or what? And you can’t say your inactive, my notifs don’t lie(at least i don’t think they do).


ok :))


What, you comment is confusing, mind if you refraze it? Thanks

okay umm @Haiasi liked your comment you can tell by clicking the number of likes and see who did like

that i don’t i’m basiclly new here and there seems to be a lot of things that happend but in the bio says that there sorta retiered maybe they didn’t have time/have anything to say

perhaps make something somewhat similar to invisabits, but instead you get a temp speedboost?

know, i said why isn’t he speaking?

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