I need help with my floor is lava game

i want to make a floor is lava game and i have everything done i just dont know how to do the lava, i want the game to end when the lava hits you so i added zones end games, and wire repeaters but it wouldnt work

i also want a counter that counts how many seconds it took you to clear the level.

Just wondering are you using platformer of just the casual creative?


When player enters zone, end game.

Zone, game overlay, property, and counter, with a wire repeater. I don’t know exactly though.

im usng the platforming game

no like when you are playing the game, the zone has a set time befre it activates which if you fall into the activated zone it ends the game

you can have a trigger and have it set to a certain time of second since the zone activation.

its not working. heres what it looks like

are you using any channels? any blocks?

no i dont really like using block code

ok now i got it orking i just had to add a lifecycle and it works i justv need the animation for the lava you got any ideas?

Can you send screenshots of the settings?



i hooked the lifecycle to the trigger the lifecycle listens for game start the trigger is delayed 3 sec. the trigger is hookesld up to the zone the trigger is not visible in game and cannot be activated by colision the zone will be activated when the trigger triggers NOTE the zone HAS to be deactivated at game start. the zone will be hooked up to the end game which wnds the game when you walk or fall through the zone, the barrier has collision turned off

if u need more info tell me to open up another topic

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