I need help with my Champion island map

Champion island sounds cool, but actually possible, like ping-pong and rugby a walk in the park with the ball device! Sounds great.

Your post says you need help with rugby, so maybe just include a passing mechanic or something like that through a given item or ball transitioned through players or teleporters.

P.S Ever finished the game 100%? It’s crazy .

Is fencing an option for this?

gawds 0.0 champion island eh? thats gonna be a tough one
btw I did finish the game completely I played for hours when it came out
#somewhatstillhasnolife :sunglasses:
anyways for the rugby thing it might be possible with a tag zone and channels to the flag but I highly doubt it or you could do the much more possible version with zones that channel to a single respawn device around sentries its simple and boring but at least it gets part of the job done rather then none :slight_smile: