I need help with my among us map

I cant get the imposter to have a weapon and everyone else not.

A person answered that question on one of your posts

i tried that and it didn’t work I must have done something wrong :frowning:

What are your wire settings and settings for the devices?

life cycle: game start
relay: team two

im sure i did my wires right

What did you set the team mode to? It’s in the settings.

cooperative but i also made it so that it changes someone to a different team

is everyone getting the weapon or no one

one person is going to have the weapon

Yeah but what is the problem? Is no one getting the weapon or everyone getting it?

no, what is going wrong, not what you need to happen

no one is getting it right now

you need to add in a wire repeater with a slight delay (only like a second) because the switching of teams is happening after the item granting


use a lifecycle on game start, connected to a relay with random person. connect that to a team switcher and connect it to a grant item. make sure that the map settings is cooperative.

Thank you so much that is very helpful

it worked thank you!

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