I need help with my account!

This isn’t a Gimkit Creative problem, but a GImkit problem in itself. I’m trying to change my account from student to educator (I needed to switch to student to enter a class) But when I went my settings to switch back, the button didn’t appear!

I know it’s off topic, but this is a problem! I checked the Gimkit help page, but found nothing. If anyone knows, please help.

we all see this I think it was in an update probably there due to a mass of students choosing educator

you can email gimkit to ask them to switch you though

Yeah, like how Foxy said, try emailing hello@gimkit.com.


Oh, thank you! I was so confused XD. Have a nice day!

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you sort of can’t… from what i know you need a new account to be a educator because they have to verify that you are a real educator. So that’s why you can’t switch over.

that’s not how it works…

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it used to be you could switch whenever you want without any verification

You can do that, my account was actually switched by the staff.


Oh… well I’ve emailed GImkit themselves, and I’ll check for the response tomorrow.

Great! I hope it works…

It worked! Thank you so much!

Wait, now you need verification?! Aww!


@Foxy, check the Padlet.

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