I need help with more boss stuff

Here is my boss…
Screenshot 2023-12-23 12.15.15 PM
Anyway is there a way to make popups happen at a certain time so that it acts like my boss is talking? I also want it to happen when they enter that boss room…
Also, before I forget, credit to awesomeT43 for boss design…

can you reuse the same help topic next time?

so you could use a timer mechanism/a wire repeater with a long delay, notifications [not popups], and a zone for when they enter the room


wire them to a counter, and when the counter hits the target have the pop-up open.

Still doesn’t make any sense… can you guys just send me a pic or somethin?

mhm, one second

Place a zone in the boss room and wire it to a popup
make sure the popup is a baner
player enter zone > open popup

place a trigger, pop-up, and zone
have the settings for them be this

(channel names can be different, so can trigger delay.)

or you can do what @Foxy said and use wires.

I have one more question, can you make the pillars so that they can be shot through by boss but you can still damage them?

Yes. You need to have them inactive on game start, then later activate when the player enters. Set the activation scope to player.

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