I need help with making something

i want it so when someone dies they get a popup could anyone help i don’t know what to do

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Trigger) Trigger

(Trigger) Triggered —> (Popup) Open Popup

Lifecycle is set to “Player Knocked Out”, the Trigger has to have a delay longer than one second.
Configure the popup settings to your choice.

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it did not work i don’t know why

Does the Trigger’s “Trigger Delay” setting have a delay over 1 second?

The Trigger has to have a delay because respawning is not instant, there’s an animation. (or more so a black “respawning…” screen for a few hundred milliseconds)

its at 1 do i have to put 2?

No, 1 is fine.
What is the Lifecycle’s setting?

Also, when you got knocked out, did it not open the popup?
What exactly happened?

yea the lifecycle settings are knocked out and it did not open the popup and after it did not to anything yea it still wont work

Can you send a picture of your wires?

Wait, did you get Tagged?
Tags don’t count as knockouts.

yea i did get tagged!

Ah that’s the problem, you have to replace the Lifecycle with a Tag Zone instead.

(Tag Zone) Player gets tagged by someone else —> (Trigger) Trigger

(Trigger) Triggered —> (Popup) Open Popup

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Wait, why are there two triggers?
You should have 2 wires on one trigger.
i think

it does not work i don’t know why!

Did you read my previous post?

You only need one Trigger.

Wait, do your wires ONLY Trigger the first Trigger and for your second Trigger, does it not get Triggered and just has a wire (Trigger) Triggered —> (Popup) Open Popup?
A note to keep in mind is that Triggers have to be Triggered first in order to run an action.

Try my and @Haiasi advice together.
Make sure it’s a tag zone and not a lifecycle.
Make sure you only use 1 trigger.

it still does not work bruh this makes 0 senseEDIT if only you guys could get on my map… but you cant

If you want us to help, put it here
but I suggest doing it yourself, for learning purposes.
Also, don’t call me bruh.

there i did not mean to call YOU bruh the game cause im kinda not smart at this and i already did it also i might leave at any moment

Give me a padlet or wix site code And I can help