I need help with making a single fire weapon

So I am trying to make a musket of some sort with a wooden wand, this is what I have right now

when you fire you get ammo, but you will get 2 because loaded ammo does not count, anybody got a fix

I haven’t played with the weapons much, maybe you can check to see if the player has a certain amount of ammo?
It would be kinda like this:
If Player ammo = 0 give 1 ammo. Depending on your game this may vary.

What are you trying to make? A wooden wand with only one shot?


You can just use an item granter that gives you a wooden wand with one shot, right?

First you would have to make the wand have no starting ammo. Then, give them one ammo. You must have instant refills on. Then, use this guide. In the blocks, in the broadcast block you want that to give you one ammo.

You can make it have no starting ammo, right, via the new item granter update?

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Wait, there’s an item granter update?

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Yeah. an update released on December 11, giving item granters to control the amount of ammo inside a weapon when being granted. You can probably read the update log for more info.


Yep, when you grant the wand, just use this option (in the item granter):


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Oh, you will also need an IIM (Item Inventory Manager) with these setting:


the problem here is that loaded ammo does not require weapon shards
what i am saying is that if you get a quantum portal with 1 loaded ammo, your inventory would not recieve a heavy shard

Oh, then set it to zero with infinite refills.

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Ok so I am not sure if you can make a ammo as 1, but I know you can have it set to no reload so it technically infinate ammo, and you can’t get ride of loaded ammo, but you can use a quantum portal and reduce its reload, but if you wish for other weapons to have only one ammo you need to have the first mag(fire before reloading) to have 2, its the one in the gadget and in the mag. But let me look at this to see if i can mess with these settings.

Ok, I might just put in the beginning to not load the extra ammo

That is the easiest option, but im looking at it right now.

ok, contact me if you find a solution

@Coffee got it, so place a life cycle and a item granter, make the channel “grant” and the amount of projectiles 1, and make the item a wand(common). wire the life cycle to the item granter and have it say “event occurs-grant item” make sure the life cycle starts on game start. Make sure in game settings you have the invintory slots at 1, other wise it will grant 2 wands. You can allow players to buy more ammo, but then they can have more than 1, so you have to limit that, but otherwise this should work for you.

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