I need help with making a don't look down map with the floor.can anyone help me?

help me please,somebody

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Wdym you need help with the floor?

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Well I don’t have the season ticket so here’s something for you to know. For publishing If someone else has the same name or has the same thing in that name it might trigger the filters and make it after it leaves new releases it can’t be searched up, or most likely not be found even though it’s published

Things I can’t find in this reply:

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  • relation to the topic

Which one are you talking about??


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To simulate “falling down”, use a zone. This zone sends a signal to a respawn device. The respawn device… respawns you.

You can also use invisible lasers:


@Da-chicken-with-rizz (What a username!) Do you mean you don’t know how to change the floor type?

To do that go to Options >>> Map Options >>> Floor Terrain >>> Change the floor type to what you want.