I need help with making a cookie clicker

So I have run out of repeaters and I only have 3 repeaters left so I am turning to wire repeaters to where you get cookies (brown seeds) every 5 seconds

save repeaters or connect them to multiple devices

well I mean I only have 3 repeaters left

you can use two triggers connected to each other instead of a repeater

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I use buttons to start the repeaters

wire repeater → item granter

the pulse is repeated → grant item

item granted → repeat the pulse

and make the delay on the wire repeater 5 seco

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ok thanks I will try it

like this

you know you can use a cookie emoji by bringing out the text box and making it bigger

nope I already tried it’s WAY to small even at 144

yeah and then wire the item granter back to the wire repeater so when
item granted → repeat the pulse

oh oops…

ok then wire the wire repeater to another wire repeater

Well, I made a cookie clicker that limits the amount of times you can buy something.

can you possibly show me

one of the wire repeaters has a delay of 5 seconds, the other one has a delay of 0 seconds

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It works thank you very much

you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

bye bye

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