I need help with Knockouts

Is it possible to make it so that if a player enters a certain area and gets. Knocked out in that area, can I make it so the game ends if only in that area?

knockout manager
end game device or wtv it’s called
then u have to cook something up w/ entering the zone. u get knocked out in the zone
it ends the game

i rlly wish i could help more but im rly mid at gkc


Ok, zone. If player in zone, give them an item. If player leaves zone, take away that item. If player knocked out, make it go to a checker. If checker passes and they have that item, end game. Hopefully this helps!


i want to triple like
give me this ability >:(

also mark solution when u find one :D.

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I’m going to try it out later my computer is charging

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Things you need

zone 1x
respawn 1x
end game 1x

put your devices like this.

here are your wire device settings

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i forgot to say this but this is kinda a followup for something cellofive helped me with and i want them to both work

my other question: