I need help with items and knockout for my map

Basically, I want to make it, so that if a player has a legendary snowball launcher, or any other item, and a player knocks them out, the player that knocks them out gets the legendary snowball/item.

I need to make it be able to have multiple items, so if a player has 100 light shards, and a player knocks them out, the player who knocked them out should get the 100 light shards. (If you can, make the most memory efficient as possible.)

(Yes, I know I made a help topic on this, but it didn’t work.)

You can grant the legendary snowball launcher by changing the grant strategy to grant in inventory. I don’t know how the shards would work though, an inventory manager that tracks the amount of shards you have and an item granter that grants that amount. I can head into creative and do some testing if you want?

That won’t work, I notice your talking it as a knockout manager pretty sure.

This is the thing I’m tryna tackle, same as the multiple items one.

Sure, go for it!

Ok, is it just the snowball launcher, or multiple weapons?


10 Items in mind. The item is the variable, I just want the dropping part and confirm the player had it.

Ok I think I’m on to something, I’ll be back when I’m done.

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So I did it, but it’s bugged. (Ignore the buttons they’re a placeholder.)

This is where the glitch occurs. For some reason, even though I have it configured to only the player, it mixes things up with the code.

I don’t know how to fix the glitch.

That’s everything though except for the light shards! :partying_face:

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Maybe make it so if a player is knocked out, if they had this, turn it off after a second.

If the player you knocked out had these settings on, and it’s true, then give them everything.

Maybe try that? You could try researching it like that.

So when player has something, make if they have it true.


y’know what? I think just give up this idea. The amount of UNHOLY memory used, 5% btw, only for like the simplest feature is kind crazy. I’m sorry that your work went to vain… but I don’t think this is worth all the hassle to put into my map. I do appreciate you helping out though, a ton of appreciation! So thank you! (Will def mark you as solution)

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