I Need Help With Ideas For My Gimkit Creative Game

I need help with an idea blooming in my mind, for a Gimkit Creative Game. I was thinking of a game to do with magic, where you can cast spells in elemental catergories and subcatergories, but I’m not sure about anything else do do with it.

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maybe watch elemental battlegrounds showcases (the roblox game) for attack ideas?


Okay, I’ll try that.

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maybe a twisted version of DND?

make a Battlegrounds game where you can choose from different types of magic weilding characters that allow you to do special moves, like let’s say cutsence moves.

exsuse my poor spelling lol


lol I don’t think anyone is online

What spells are you going to put in the game though?
Maybe Harry Potter inspired spells for the game?

Perhaps make your game a turn-based RPG? Make a simple antagonist that the player must defeat, but before that, the player must fight their horde of minions scattered along their journey. You could also maybe make a world where the player can explore and use their spells to unlock secrets such as new spells.

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Do you mean by magic tricks?

Good ideas, I’ll see if they work, but I might need more, they conflict and I need one that really sums up the game. By that, I mean;

More Ideas Please?