I need help with Ideas for a mini game

Any ideas for me to make?

your fine the point of this place is to help others

I did add ideas though

you should make a laser maze!
Or, you should do Find the Button

You can try a mini-game where players must solve a challenge to unlock a secret item or a bonus level. Or, you can try a time-based game where players need to complete a series of tasks within a set time limit. Another option is to add a mini-game where players can participate in a virtual sport or competition, such as racing or boxing.

Some others are
kill the sentry
Fishtopia (mini fishtopia, like make 3 dollars in fishes)
Dumb ways to die (die 3 times)
click the button a certaint amount of times

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What do you think, are these what you are looking for?

No something new or cool @Epi320

*just thinking what to do *

How about a Gimkit mini-game where you play as a farmer dealing with pests, weather conditions, and a limited budget? Start with a small farm and make strategic decisions about planting, watering, and protecting crops. Hire helpers but pay them from your budget. Earn rewards for successful harvests and upgrade your equipment or expand your land. ( Such as weapons or something to keep the pests away. )

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Like a farm simulation?

Yea! like a farm simulation… oh! I know what to call it! Farm simulator

Ok I have that in mind.

Wait, what about a base defense game, where you have a certaint amount of money, and you purchase defenses and finnally go against a huge amount of sentrys that try to kill you

Tower defense is crazy hard to make.
(If I’m wrong that’s because I haven’t played in months; maybe there are new devices now)


The new devices don’t really make tower defense easier to make
And o7 you lost regular

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hey how about a archery range where you kill the sentrys as fast as you can before they despawn, and your rewarded based on how many you killed (the sentrys have 1 hp)

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Hmmm maybe something with lasers.

@Leo_flowers I like the farm idea but make it a bit different from farmchain

Ruin Party-use Mario party to end your friendship with your friend