I need help with how to make bowling pins pls help!

does anyone know how to make bowling pins?? P.S. I have been reading the coumonity forum for 2 months but just made a account

Welcome to the community!

No but give me ten minutes and I will make some prototypes for you.

thank you and @WolfTechnology I have read your posts the most out of everyone

coffe I just responded to your cash ting sorry I can’t help more =<(

Thanks, I feel honored to know that, people seem to like my work so I try to help out every were I can.

Do you need a prop, or are you trying to make bowling?

Nice first post, @coolcrew7!

Just a prop is all I need! =<) =<) =<) =<)

Anyone know how to do that?

You could try a lab vial (unbroken) with a red barrier and a white barrier behind it.

thanks I’ll try it out but do you have screenshot you could include?

Yes I just made this;
Screenshot 2023-09-10 12.38.51 PM
This is all you will need and the order it needs to be in.
Screenshot 2023-09-10 12.39.25 PM

No, sadly.

I did that before you ever posted, lol

Sorry I am so counfused. Could you come into my game and help me?

Sadly no because codes aren’t allowed but what are you confused on?

No codes allowed on the forum!

Post them on the wix (unofficial).

I just am probably over thinking it (I have mild ADHD and mild OCD).

Could you post a picture?