I need help with creating an weapon tree with weapons falling from it!

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So basically I am going to use a basic tree and put weapons on it, like this:
But like this is just a draft so it will be better.
But Like I want it to be so it randomizes the select type of weapons on the tree and you put like a button and make it say like “Pick A Weapon Off Of The Tree” or something like that and then they get it in their inventory.

Sorry if this sounds all over the place lol!

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And for this try overlay,button,and item granter
ping me if you need more advanced instructions.


I can help but you will need to specify on your questions:

randomizes 1 weapon or multiple

wait does the player get to choose?

o7 to THEHACKER120

@chrysostom No the player does not get to choose.

little mini guide I cooked up

Here be setup:

Put the number of item granters equal to the number of weapons you want.
In each item granter, set your weapon of choice and have it grant when recieving on channel weapon pick x. Replace x with a number greater than 0, but less than or equal to the number of total weapons.
button pressed → trigger
put this in trigger blocks:

Tell me if this doesn’t work, and what happened instead.