I need help with creating a save file for my players

… I thought you built it off of torontobulls… ok, so we have an idea of what’s wrong, let me fix it!

Then what do you press to export the code? @Here_to_help. Do you press the first trigger?

Either way, I’m testing it with the assumption that you press the first trigger to export the code.

The notification is the exporter. You need to press a button for a wire pulse. Also, my system runs by itself.

I know, but the code only gives me 8 digits for some reason, and I deleted the old code, so I am confused.

Check the level system I used.

Should I have used the XP and Level properties directly? That might be the problem.

Ok, well, it should still work. How do you know it is giving you 8 digits?

It shows only 8 digits when I get the code

Oh, yeah, the zeros! I forgot about them! One sec, let me think.

Just make it so that when you go in-game, there is a sign saying to put zeros between each space, and label the counters by the property they update. Then everyone will know to put the zeroes.

Yeah, but that doesn’t matter as long as it gives me a random code. Because that’s what it does for some reason. When you step on it multiple times in a row without updating any properties, the code changes. It’s happened with every code that I have tried using. I don’t know why. You can help me figure it out by seeing how my game works. The link to it is in my bio @Here_to_help.

Ok, I checked it out, but I can’t seem to find the save code place. Also, where do you load the save?

Like export? in a seperate area. Shoot, I forgot! The v1.3 update isn’t out yet! I don’t know how you can help me now!

Ok, sorry for being inactive, I don’t get on during the weekends. Also, I won’t be on here as much, but I can help you later tonight. Did you add the zeros? If not, we can incorporate it into the blocks for the exporting code. Just tell me if you would like that.

Yes, I would like the zero’s to show in the code. Also, did you read this?

Are you mixing any systems? If @TorontoBulls1 code is mixing with mine, then it won’t work. Did you delete all of their code?

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No, I am not. I deleted the old system. Like I said, this has happened to all my systems.

Are you sure your properties aren’t changing? Could you make it so that they can’t change? If not, we will need to do some debugging.

Hold up. I may have used the level system directly, but for the levels, I could use a counter instead and that updates the properties. I don’t know about XP though. I don’t have a counter to show that. How do you make to “When incremented, send a message on the selected channel”?

Actually, how do I have a counter update multiple properties? This way I could update the N properties without having to use the level system. Wouldn’t that require a block code or another set of properties? Which do you think would be more memory efficient? @Here_to_help