I need help with checker

how to make a checker always be checking? Bonis: is there a way to make it be checking the whole map?

Repeater or a trigger loop

wire repeater! it can do that

With a repeater or trigger you can stop it repeating and use channels

Thank you @Cellofive and @Txme_Lxss, but cellofive responded first so he will be getting the solution. (please understand @Txme_Lxss :grimacing:)


Don’t use repeater ever.

Sorry just throwing that out there
(That you can use a repeater)

Okay I will let you go this time.

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@Cellofive @MOON : maybe i should switch who gets solution…

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Nah it fine @Cellofive got it.


:ok_hand: ill still giveit to him. thnks @MOON

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@MOON , I do not understand what it is telling me to do. how do i use it to make a loop and make my checker always be checking?!?!

Use a trigger that it.

just hook a trigger up to a checker and boom. no extra settings or whatever?

Or a wire repeater that should be easier.

ok… ill look into it. i trying to make it so if a player on any team has a gold key, a barrier is deactivated for them. and i was using a checker to see if thay gave a key.

@MOON please read my reply

I did but you don’t need it to make it go forever.

oh. ok. ill post my game on the wix so i can see if it works. thanks for the help

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