I need help with channels

We all were. Also, they called @Kyro underrated and a very not nice word that starts with an r.

What word? I can’t think of any mean words that start with r and I can’t find it in any of the replies.

The word was rizzalicious.

It’s not in the dictionary, what does it mean? Is it a gimkit word?

It means full of rizz.

What’s wrong with that? Rizz is a good thing!

Okay bruh.

head is in the center (the little black ovals are eyes), tail is offscreen

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Nice pfp @top-z ! I like it a lot. I’m a galaxy theme color fan, so I love it!

Welcome to the forum, @top-z! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more help!

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no he did get banned because he was testing with gimai and then got banned for like 2 weeks for off topic posting i think

Oh, nvm then, I don’t think I was a user back then.

oh ok he got banned till like july 1st

i think

Hm, I joined June 1, maybe I wasn’t paying attention