I need help with channels

Yup, as long as no devices use that channel it should be gone.


Press the button next to =
(ignore this)))))))))))))))) +

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Also, if you just have a channel that’s not used, channels hardly take up memory. Sometimes I’ll keep random ends of channels because I don’t want to search and delete all the others.

You know if you put any letters inbetween these symbols <> it is invisable and you don’t need to type random things.

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I forgot about that, oof. I just wanted to make the keyboard button.

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Ive heard lots about u how did u get banned

Off-topic, but @Cameron_Sharer was never banned. He just took a break from the forum. He waited until September 1st because that was when @GimAi was supposed to come back. Because it is no longer being used, he decided just to come back normally.

i heard he was baed nice to meet u

He is not bad. Actually, he is one of the most knowledgeable people on the forum!

no i ment banned not bad

i was looking forward to meeting him

More lore. I will add this to my notes.


You are back!

I actually can’t wait to see the final version of your notes so I can compare them to reality lol

That’s not really funny but lol I guess.

If you and Kyro are not enemies, do you have any notes I can keep about him or her? I do not know anything about them because they have their profile locked.

This is borderline stalker…

How is keeping mental notes of people stalking?