I need help with activating barriers

So I am making a game and I want it so that when a player opens an area only they and no one else can access the area.

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Make the devices player- scoped


Please mark a solution if you have found one!


Wire a button to a barrier that is active on game start change the barrier scope to player like @Cellofive said and have it deactivate on button press

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i find it better to put a zone over the barrier slightly sticking out. When player enters zone, deactivate barrier and when player leaves zone, activate. Then do the same thing as @Cellofive said make the barrier player scoped. That way you as a player don’t need to press anything and it auto opens.

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@TorontoBulls1 and @AAREN both have working solutions, but if you want the players to buy the barrier instead (like in the original Gimkit games), then use a vending machine. Make sure that you still set the barrier scope to player.

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