I need help with a teleport system

How can you make a thing where you can teleport anywhere on the map?

do you want to have it start with a teleporter or something like a button or vending machine?

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WDYM by that in this case?

A button like where I can teleport and knock out that person and a zoom out screen

What!? I can’t understand your language. Can you clarify please? lol

Wait, I half understand

Please clarify. I’m not really following you lol

button (button pressed or whatever it is) → trigger (trigger, with a randomizer inside)
and when the randomizer transmits on a channel, make the same channel for a teleporter (teleport when receiving on)

for the knocking out part, idk

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Thanks I was talking about a op weapon


Thats 100% how I feel rn
I don’t normally post memes, but I’m actually confused.

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