I need help with a speed boost overlay button

I’d just like to know from more experienced Gimkit creators, is there a feasible way to use the overlay device in combination with the speed modifier to give a speed boost for a short duration of time and if so, could I also make a recharge function where the player would have to wait for x amount of time until they are able to use the button again?

Yes this is possible.
Set the overlay to a button and when it’s pressed it broadcasts start running, and it connects to a speed modifier to set speed to 2x for example.
It also connects to a trigger for lets say it will activate in 5 seconds so you get 5 seconds of speed boost when it activates after 5 seconds it will broadcast stop running and set it back to 1x speed.

You can make the overlay settings set to button, and use channels so when you hit the overlay, your speed increases. Then place down a trigger. Set the trigger to have 5 seconds delay, and then connect trigger to a speed modifier that will set you back to your original speed. For the cooldown, what you can do is take a wire repeater, and use that to wire the overlay to itself. Make it so the overlay will hide itself when pressing it. Then place down another wire repeater, and wire the first wire repeater to the second. Set the second wire repeater to a delay of “x” seconds, connect it to the overlay, and have it reactivate your overlay.


Thank you for your help! :smiley:

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What do you mean the trigger will reset it

Welcome, if you need me to send it in more detail or images tell me!

Wait nvm I read it the wrong way! Sry! (I read it that once the trigger stops broadcasting, it would deactivate itself…)


It all good whoAmI lol

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