I need help with a map that im making i will explain

So Im making a mining game and I wanna make a button like the answer questions button at the bottom of your screen to where you teleport back to the top


Press Button = Teleport back up to the top AND answer questions?

you just connect the overlay to a teleporter instead of a question thing

no i said its LIKE the answer questions thing

Use a game overlay. Text displayed can say whatever you want, but I would use the word “teleport”. You can set it to be in the bottom right of your screen. Set it so when pressed it sends a signal on channel x. Set the teleporter so it teleports player to target when receiving on channel x. I hope this helps! If you need me to clarify anything, I will


game overlay

Game overlay:
overlay type: button
overlay text: Go back
button pressed, broadcast on channel: go to top

visible in game: no
teleport player here when receiving on channel: go to top
group: (none)
target group: (none)


If you are trying to answer questions, attach the game overlay to a questioner, so if you click it, it opens the questioner.

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welcome, but I think he is asking for something similar, read the post and you will see

Oh I was confused by the replies. It’s even easier then. Just make the game overlay broadcast on a channel, and the create a teleporter and edit it so that you teleport there when receiving on that channel

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