I need help with a map I have no ideas

it hard no ideas just green grass no ideas that a child for you

There are many different things you could do. What about a game where the players on one team have to go into the other teams base and steal stuff?

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Just some Ideas that I was thinking on making.
-Island Survial
-Survive 100 days- aka 1 hour in a gimkit zombie survial
-Battle Royal
-Bussness Tycoon- try to make the most money in a certain time
Let me know if you want more, I have a whole google docs where i store all of my ideas.

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Island Survival sounds good but and the players on one team have to go into the other teams base and steal stuff is good to maybe I could but them together but I will need more ideas.

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Ok give me some time i have the Gimkit Forum open, GCC and Wix at the same time so i am VERY busy.

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ok got it I can del with that

Oh no your fine, I’m just saying give me a minute so i can pull up the docs and get some info.

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oh I can still wait like what if something pop up and you have to do it I could wait forever and I will steal have the patience to wait ha ha


oh incase you did not see The_7th_Dragon I said that island survival and you suggestion were both great and that I will put them together then I said I will need more ideas. just so you now I don’t like to leave people out

It’s fine. I saw it. Your idea is really cool. :grin:

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thank you I like to put good things together oh and I jus remembered I put bad thing together to make good things you can see I like to recycle

Look in ideas!

  • Chess
  • King of the Hill
  • Tag Domination with weapons
  • Step Counter
  • Gimkit in Gimkit
  • This or That with weapons

my english teacher would be so mad rn

um why if I can ask I mean you don’t have to ell me


I meant to put t ok you think I cant spell tell