I need help with a leaderboard

im trying to find a way you can gain point for a leader bourd without having to do sothing so basicly every minute you gain a point

You can use a repeater and a property and make the leaderboard based off the property. If you still need help, I can give some pictures.


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thank i will have a look

im not realy good with devises as i only creat maps but will give a try

soo i need help with this to do i just wire them together?

yeah i need picture if thats okay

Hopefully this works!

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you need ttriger too okay

I forgot something! You have to trigger the repeater to make it start running. You can do that with a lifecycle that listens for the game start.

ok hopefully this works

thanks worked now i can run a smooth game without wires every where

ive got one last question saay if you whant to unlock somthing and you have to get to a cirtian amout of point befor so

You can use a checker for that.

You can make the score be whatever you want though. It doesn’t have to be 5.

Thanks for coming to the forms! If you ever need any more help, we’d be happy to do so! Keep doing GKC, you’ll get better, and might even be able to help other people here!

Instead of having the trigger with block code, you could save loads of memory if you just use a counter, and have the counter update a property! No block code needed!

uhhhhhh use a trigger loop, and a property.

Yeah that is a lot better actually.
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 5.30.22 PM

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Oh, and if you were going to use block code, you could just have used the ‘seconds into game’ block. But, counter is better, so this is solved.

Yeah, but they wanted it by margins of 60 seconds. But that’s still cool to know, I joined 2 months ago and I’m still learning!

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It’s good that you’re learning. I’m keeping this short because I want this to close, but I know a lot because I have been here since June. In no time, I think you could become knowledgeable at everything, and everyone can if they keep on trying and learning!