I need help with a kill streak like system

So I need help making a few systems.

  1. When one person gets knocked, their team gets a buff (damage)

  2. When someone gets knocked, the person that knocked them get health back (only applies to team 2)

I have thought of some ways it could work but can’t test them cause on mobile

ill test them with you

Ok, thanks, the 1’st one is a life cycle, relay, and damage multiplyer

  1. Make the lifecycle when player knocked out, and the relay to all players on team 2, and damage Muliplyer to whatever you want

  2. Wire lifecycle to relay, and relay to damage multiplyer

Do you want help? If so,

  1. Lifecycle → Trigger, Relay → Damage Boost:
    Player Knocked out → Block: Team Number is 2, Transmit 2
    Relay: Receives on 2, to a Damage Boost, Team 2 players

  2. Lifecycle → Health Granter: Player Knocks Out → Grant Health

maybe just gain damage and speed. and once you get high enough,you should maybe do less damage or go slower to test your skills, then after that you go really fast and pretty much 1 shot

Shouldn’t testing be on the wix?

wix is blocked on my computer