I need help with a House Map

I am making a map and I want to make it so that only one person can enter the house. How would i make it so that only a specific player can see a button saying, “Go inside” while the other see’s “knock on door”?

You could use an item to differentiate between them. If they have a certain item, make the game use a checker and from there, change it up. Might need it on player scope

Okay and would that work for a button like you press it and if your not the owner of the house it knocks while the owner can just go inside?

Maybe put two buttons, like one that is on player based, but the other in global…

Ok, so basically use a zone, then once you enter the zone, it closes the door and makes a barrier and activates button. The button when pressed will activate another button say (Let them in)

Oh okay I think these replys will help me but before I mark a solution I am going to check them all to see which one works the best

Separate the person who can enter and the ones who knock on different teams now make a scope for the button “enter house” Scope team 1 (the person who can enter) and the button “knock” team 2 (the people who knock)


Okay that might work but im going to test out these replys tomorrow

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