I need Help With a few things

First of all, how do I make it so that when you get knocked out you go to spectate? Secent, how do i make it so there is no scoring? and lastly, how to make it so when the host is knocked out(he is on team one) team two wins. Please use screen shots. and I already have it so when the king(host) is knocked out the game ends. Thanks. -Mattnosport

Lifecycle Device (player knocked out) → (wire, Event Occurs → Switch Team) → Team Switcher Device (Specific Team, Spectator)

Hide the leaderboard in settings.

Thanks @wingwave. @getrithekd thanks to you to. can you show me through screen shots though @getrithekd

Get a lifecycle and a team switcher.

Click on the lifecycle and set the event to Player Knocked Out. Click on the team switcher and set it to Specific team.

Wire the lifecycle to the team switcher; Event Occurs ----------------> Switch player to chosen team

Go to the settings (bottom right corner) and click Map Options. Go to Score and put the option for Use Leaderboard to no.

I’m on mobile rn. There’s a score tab in the map options settings. You’ll find it there.

Thx @FersionSpeedy , @getrithekd , and @wingwave. do eny of you know how to do my last questen though??

Didn’t I say that?

Don’t you have the last one?

if you do you will get the solution

and lastly, how to make it so when the host is knocked out(he is on team one) team two wins

Sorry, it was just you posted before me, since my post was almost like a paragraph (not really)

Oh, alright. It probably was better explained, too.

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tell me how and you get solution. or dose team two allready win when the game ends?

Use a game start lifecycle. This should activate a trigger on game start. The trigger should be inactive and activation scope should be player. Make a knocked out lifecycle trigger that trigger. When the trigger is triggered, the king has been knocked out.

@FersionSpeedy or @wingwave can you do that in Screenshot, if can u get solution? or @getrithekd will get it

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