I need help with a checker

When the player presses a button in my game, a checker checks to make sure that the player is in possession of a purple key card. If the check passes the barrier is deactivated. If the check fails a popup is activated saying “Sorry inmate you need a purple keycard to get through this door”
Screenshot 2024-03-12 12.30.31 PM

this does not simply work though. even when I have the purple keycard in game. The barrier does not deactivate.

I wont respond till 1:30.

try refreshing or rebuild to system

You need to have the button wired to a vending machine. The machine should require a purple keycard. If they have the purple keycard wire it to unlock the door if they dont wire it to a pop-up saying you need a purple keycard :smiley:

For the checker instead of doing “Greater Than” for the comparison do “equal to” and put 1 as the value.
(I tested it and it worked, so if you change that and it still didn’t work then it is probably a bug)

ok, when I check when I get on when I get home from school.

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