I need help with a bedwars thumbnail

I just need help with a bedwars thumbnail

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Thumbnail requests aren’t allowed.


thumbnail requests are not allowed.

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since when

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since forever.

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Recently. The forums have decided the rule ‘anything not related to BUILDING in gimkit creative is not relevant and is spam’

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who said

that makes no sense

no, we decided for it to be off-topic now, but it has been off-topic FOREVER.

The forums, not me. Please see the hypocrisy post.

where at

check this out…

Oh great, it’s been flagged again…
It basically states that just because someone posted something they shouldn’t, you shouldn’t copy them.


you just did by making this post.


Okay, everyone calm down.
No flame war today. (I’m flammable you see.)
Thumbnail requests are not allowed. Sorry.
Please mark a solution.

all I asked for was help with a thumbnail beacause I suk at making thumbnails and I’m not good at art

But you can’t do that, sorry.
Also who flagged my post??

well your not allowed. so stop.