I need help with a bedwars thing I have everything but like is there a way that I can add a upgrade to add more health to a bead?

please help me:( I rly need it

Place a Vending Machine and place two Bed props.

Have the second one hidden/deactivated on game start.

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased —> (Bed Prop 1) Hide Prop

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased —> (Bed Prop 2) Show Prop

Do you want a more detailed explanation?
(I can add pictures if you want but it’s quite simple)

yeahhhh can u pls send pictures of it it seems to complex


hey this is a bit off topic but if i send u a code can u enter my gimkit I have made?

off topic but If i send u a code can u enter my gimkit I made

Codes are not allowed here.

ohhh sorry My bad I didnt know

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