I need help with a bed wars map

I am using dynamics, and I need to make it that either the platers can’t go where there is no terrain (Only Background) they will respawn. Or they can only go where there is terrain

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Is this a platformer or top-down map?

barriers, mayhaps? Depends on if you’re using platformer or top-down

@meepeygamer567 @Blackjack This is a top-down map, I know that they wouldn’t be able to go off if I used a platformer, but I want 4 teams. If I were to use a platformer I can only have two teams.

is that Maybe/Perhaps LOL


Zones or barriers seems like your best bet

:] mayhaps…


invisible barriers around the map (on the places you want to limit) too keep players from going out of the main map

(technically, invis barriers over the spots you want to limit so the players can’t go there)


You could put zones and damagers and make it do enough damage to knock them out wherever they go that you don’t want them to go.

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If I use a zone, then it will still be active when a player places a block.