I need help testing my map, so I'm asking if anyone would like to help. Email me if you would. like to help


what map is it
what kind

It is a mine map that is pvp related.

I would, but I’m on school email rn

same I on a school device, but using persona email.

hehe, well my home email is BLOCKED
the school system don’t allow it for some reason

well I’m going to be dismissed so i need to leave soon so bye

you can’t post a topic just to ask people to email you

so what are you supposed to do?

we answer questions we don’t do playtesting here
if you want people to play your game go to the WIX or a padlet

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but they don’t got link to either

then tough posting it on here can get them suspended

tell that to sweat

if you want, report

Honestly I try to save my flags for worse things like inappropriate stuff and not people who didn’t know any better


i dont think this is aloud…

its part of the rules when you first join though

if you dont follow this then you only have yourself to blame.

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welcome to the forums @GimKitSweat101

This seams so confusing after reading the replies

guys this is off topic just tell @gimkitsweat101 that this isn’t aloud and don’t reply

@GimKitSweat101 padlet https://padlet.com/BananaBunny/gimkit-thumbnail-padlet-fj2nw8l9tabt1am5 wix https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/groups?scrollToTop=1&_sm_au_=isVSq7VVP6JHLHHPj8BKjKH114Vq2