I need help on my among us map

Should I delete my among us map


well i’m stuck on making the skeld

It depends because I also tried to do among us in gimkit but it took too long.

that is my reason exactly


maybe, you can add a twist to your map? Maybe new roles?

  1. never gonna give you up, never gonna lett you downn ↩︎

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Delete it if you wish it. But, you know I would recommend like… having a friend help you finish it. I do say finish it because there is nothing like a beautiful among-us map in gimkit. :wink:

if you wanna help I can make a padlet and invite you to it

why did you rickroll me

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Curse you. You know what you did.
Anyways, whats the problem with your Skeld? Mechanics, ideas, what’s up?

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it’s taking way too long

In what way? Can you not build the map well, or are the mechanics too vast?

I can send a picture of where I’m at on it

dang it I really tried to rickroll y’all

did lebron james just give up because his practice took tooooooo long? NO! (I don’t think so)
you cant just give up because its taken to long!

that was some very good motivation

but I’m not motivated

bruh. well, I tried you know?

I can invite you to a padlet and tell you the code

Wait @Nature_Boy_Drama16 WHICH ONE???