I need help on maps

I really need help for my maps. Mainly I just end up deleting them because they aren’t good. I NEED HELP.

there is a limit of three maps you can store on gimkit creative unless you purchase a subscription.

I know, its just they aren’t good for what I think

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Click the 3 dots then click delete then type the name of your map with the spaces and it is case sensitive

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What do you need help with doing? If it involves devices, I’m the guy. If it involves design, I’ll leave and tag-team with Wolf. (Are Wolf and I an official team now?)

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What can i do to help?

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We might as well be! :clap:

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You know we could be known as WolfClac, not a bad ring to it. Sorry for being off-topic.

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I can be a part of your trio, as pi, because mysz fits like nowhere.

why not, what would be a good name though?

It’s closer to a string quintet with the funny blue dragon and @im_pretty_cool.


@Technoblade, remember to mark a solution!

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