I need help on how to make a 1v1 in a GimKit map

How do you make a 1v1

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Sep '23

you can use this block for that

then teleport here when receiving on Arena1, Arena2, Arena 3, etc.-JamesPotter](https://forum.creative.gimkit.com/u/JamesPotter)
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besides that like how do you make it to where only 2 people enter no more people can go in?

Read the post above…

but how can I make it to where ONLY TWO people can only go into the arena

Here’s how I would do it:
Make a button and a counter, make sure their scopes are both on public.
Make the counter’s target number 2
Wire the button to the counter (Button pressed–increment counter)
Wire the counter to the button (Target value reached–deactivate button)
Make a zone on the battlefield and wire it to the button (Player leaves zone–activate button)
Wire the zone to the counter (Player leaves zone–reset counter)
Finally, make sure the button is wired to a teleporter that is in the 1v1 place.

If a player is in and wants to leave, you can just make a button wired to a teleporter next to the place where you can go in.

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If you want it to set up a new place for another 1v1 to happen, I’m not sure how to do that unless you repeat the code with multiple buttons.

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thanks alot I really appreciate it


Yea, Heres what I would do.

Button, counter.

When button clicked, increment counter, and give player item. When reaches 2, disable button, and check for all players if they have an item. If have item, teleport them there. From there, you can teleport them using buttons for them to choose their drop location, then starting it.

Repeat that with different channels and items.

But that seems correct!

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